A weight management pill designed to help reduce your hunger and make following diets easier than ever before.

  • Control your calorie intake as Hoodia suppresses your appetite
  • Manage your weight and make your diet a success
  • Reach your weight goals and get the body you deserve
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With UniqueHoodia™ you can reduce your appetite, helping you to eat less and finally reach your weight management goals

100% real South African Hoodia

Not an extract! Contains 100% pure Hoodia

Contains no additives or fillers (all active ingredients)

Includes Piperine for faster absorption

Huge 1395mg per serving (more than most competitors)

60 day money back guarantee

Discovered by the San tribesman of Africa, Hoodia is reported to contain a special molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full

The Hoodia Gordonii is a type of cacti which is indigenous to areas of the South African desert. For generations, the nomadic Sans tribe have used Hoodia Gordonii to suppress their appetite, allowing them to go on long hunting trips without being distracted by hunger.

Naturally this caught the attention of the world press, and from that moment on the legend of this powerful appetite suppressant grew.

Various test and studies have shown that the Hoodia Gordonii can:


  • Help you reduce the amount of food you eat
  • Reduce your calorie intake and help you manage your weight
  • Make it easier to reduce snacking between meals

UniqueHoodia™ contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii (unlike many other Hoodia products out there) and is one of the most effective, natural appetite suppressants on the market today.

By taking UniqueHoodia™ with your meals, you can experience reduced appetite levels, making it possible to follow even the strictest of diets, and help you see great results in your weight management efforts.

No appetite means you can eat less, and eating less is a crucial part of your weight management strategy. It really is a no brainer.

Just imagine, if you can eliminate your hunger you will be able to finally say no to the high-calorie foods you usually you can’t resist.

With UniqueHoodia™ you can:

  • …helping you to EAT LESS and finally..

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Now with added Piperine, the bonus extract that works with UniqueHoodia™ to encourage even faster appetite suppression

To ensure UniqueHoodia™ remains the one appetite suppressant pill most likely to help you with your weight management goals, we have added Piperine to boost its effectiveness.

Piperine is a substance from black pepper and research has shown that it can help increase the absorption of supplements by as much as 2000%!

The addition of 5mg of Piperine in each UniqueHoodia™ capsule enables your body to absorb the active appetite suppressant Hoodia into your body faster and more efficiently.

Piperine has been clinically proven to be safe and extremely effective at speeding up your bodies’ absorption rate, and when combined with the 100% pure Hoodia in UniqueHoodia™, you can expect to experience a high quality product designed to give you the best chances in your weight management mission!


This means you can experience Hoodia’s appetite suppression effect quicker, helping you to have even greater control over your appetite.


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Fully certified as a pure and authentic Hoodia supplement that can help reduce your appetite

When something as powerful as Hoodia Gordonii becomes well known, hundreds of companies will try and sell you their Hoodia supplement. Unfortunately, many of these could contain watered down extracts or even be outright fakes!

But we can prove that you will get an authentic Hoodia product from us.

Unlike many products on the market today, UniqueHoodia™ is the ‘real deal’ with the right certificates to back up all of our claims.

Our 100% authentic Hoodia supplement contains pure Hoodia Gordonii from authorised South African farmers. We don’t skimp on quality, and we don’t fill our pills with “sawdust” or fillers.

We are bringing you a high quality Hoodia Gordonii supplement worthy of your money and which is backed by our money back guarantee.

We are proud to say that UniqueHoodia™ received the following certificates:

Annex Certificate:
This certificate proves that UniqueHoodia™ contains Hoodia which has been approved by the USDA, and that it has come from an authentic Hoodia farm in South Africa.

What this means to you is that you are getting authentic, fresh Hoodia, and not Hoodia that has gone stale in a storage facility somewhere.

Cites Certificate:
This certificate is issued to us when authentic Hoodia is sourced from an authentic Hoodia farm.

It is your guarantee that their are no middle men, and that we are getting you pure Hoodia direct from the farmers, ensuring you the highest quality product possible.

Certificate of Analysis:
Probably one of the most important certificates, as it proves that the UniqueHoodia™ contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii and is issued prior to the Hoodia entering the country.

Over the years, as the demand for Hoodia has gone up, more companies as starting to water down their Hoodia products, or even sell fakes. These certificates prove that you will be getting a high quality Hoodia product worthy of your money.

We guarantee that UniqueHoodia™ will help you with your weight management or we will refund your money!

We want to help people everywhere experience the incredible appetite suppression powers of UniqueHoodia™, so we are offering you a complete 60 day money back guarantee!

If your UniqueHoodia™ doesn’t do what it promises to do, we will give you a full refund.

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